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1st in its kind to create end-end Mobility network augmented by AI engine with Route intelligence.

Predictability of ETA for any transit
Create the holistic Transit network, Run time analysis, system generated notifications including identifications and detailing of Slacks
Suggest Optimized
Offer Multimodal transit options for consumer optimized on time/money, with turn by turn commuting guidance enabling frictionless trips
Holistic digital payment
Creating a platform on which users can plan their whole journey across any transportation mode and thereby preventing leakage, higher revenue for Cities.
Reduce cost of congestion by 20%
Homogenous distribution of city transit network and other policies to control the Traffic flux, safer and integrated experiences

Mobility data for cities and citizens

Transportation and planning agencies including Smart cities, Automotive needs mobility data network to track transportation trends and accurately calibrate models to make more informed decisions for their transportation network investments.


Transit Network in 3 Cities, soon more

Cities today are facing More congestions, More air pollution And More transport cost than ever before, hence Multi-modal Transit And Transportation network is the future of sustainable urban mobility. A network that connects to bike transit, bus transit, metro transit, any ride share, parking & much more

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